Mar 1, 2009

Gay Relationships

Why I think that gay relationship will never last?

Personally I really feel that ‘love’ itself is not enough to maintain a relationship. Whenever we meet someone and we love each other, it should at first come with ‘passion’ and ‘love’, and both of the ‘passion’ and ‘love’ create the extraordinary relationship within the particular couple.

Sure ‘love’ is always there and will be with us, regardless whether we are still calling each other as ‘My Dear / My Darling’, or the extraordinary relationship had already became a past tense.  But, ‘passion’ is what will keep reducing by itself, or even totally disappeared when both of the couple were staying closer together for a long time period with each another. As the result, once the ‘passion’ is gone, the particular homosexual relationship will become a history story for both of the couple as well.

Unlike homosexual relationship, couples which involve in heterosexual relationship will normally marriage each other before the ‘passion’ within the particular relationship are gone. After getting married, ‘responsibility’ will replaces the ‘passion’, and keeps the relationship last much longer together with ‘love’.  

Perhaps some might say that there are some places around the world where gay marriage is allowed. Well, my advice is that if you can get yourself there, yet I will wish you and your partner the very good luck. Otherwise, just try your very best to be more conservative in love, and to persuade traditional relationship that will never contradicting to any cultures or religions in this world.

To me, it is really suffering if you fall in love deeply with someone, but you are not able to be together with him/her in the rest of your life. Hence, with no offence to anyone, I still feel that people who involving in homosexual relationship will probably end up the rest of their life with suffering. Suffer from struggling in how to maintain an extraordinary relationship with the lack of responsibility. Suffer from facing the possible criticisms due to such relationships are still not well acceptable by the majority. Even suffer from countless dilemmas and tragedies, if you are reside in a country where such relationship is deemed to be a serious offence by the nation laws.     

Anyway, I just want to mention that, people should be given the rights to choose their love behaviour, to select who to fell in love with, and to decide the life style of their life. This is the basic human rights that we should respect. And remember, laws just for the majority and could be changed in anytime in the future, after the majority is convinced and changed their minds.