Sep 19, 2008

~Patience , Trust and Respect~

I have to congratz you to be so strong than ever

As well I have to congratz myself to turn to be stronger than ever finally

You are still passing by in my mind

Nearly every night whenever I am laying on bed

But I selected to find myself a way and get in sleep

Rather than disturb you with sms or a call

Even that I might keep my eyes opened until the sun raised and hit my skin hot

Its all just to keep my promise with you – Patience

I know I am still holding you tightening, deep inside my heart

I am finally changed

Cos I know that your luv is still the same

And I believe oso as long as you aren’t busy anymore

Yet that will be the starting point for our 2nd run within our relation

This believing keeps me alive

And inspirited me whenever I open my eyes

Oso, its all just to keep my promise with you - Trust

You are my better half

No one can replace you

Even you had successfully hidden yourself up from me

And when I say so

Its mean that my heart is totally sealed

No one else will be able to gain the passkey again

No anymore door is available

For whosoever else

I wouldn’t appear to be with you closely physically

Until I am allowed to do so

I won’t disturb your life with whatsoever way

Until I know that there is with a free slot in your timetable

That is actually available for me to do so

Again, its all just to keep my promise with you – Respect

I am finally changed

And I am prepared to be single forever

I will pray for you always

But I still want you to promise me

Really take care of yourself

This is the only thing that I really want you to promise with

I am worrying about your health

And you know this n why

I am not only said but promise definitely let you in

And I want to remind you

Just appear and push on me

Whenever you are ready

I am ready for it always

Yet will keep myself free and waiting for it

The expired date?

The rest of my life

And I swear