May 24, 2007

My left-back side neck

I touched my left-back side neck again,
Begins to ache,
Soon I am feeling sweet,
A sweet kiss lay on this spot,
Yet I know that I will feel great always whenever I have my hand touching on this spot,
I can feel you with me with your kiss.

Sometimes I ask myself, 
how much furthere will I have to go?
Agains, I do not know,
and no one can tell.
I hide my trembling feeling again,
And pretend smile when looking ppl around me.

Suddenly I feel that I am getting really old now,
Still I’m the same as before,
As timid as before,
Learning how to pretend to be strong,
Hardly to really get learned.

I will never let you gone,

Even I had myself physically gone,
You are the one who show me what love look like, 
And I will spend the rest of my life to show,
Show that the love found within us is really real,
Real until nothing can remove you from my heart,
Even you yourself.

Life is always busy and this is what I knew from you,
Trust me I will never get angry with your busy life,
Do whatever you planed to do,
Work whatever you need to work,
I am always here for you,
And you will never be alone.

Love itself is not enough,
Must come with pattiance, trust and respect.
I am learning hard,
And will keep learning…..