Mar 4, 2006

The So Call 'Love' before knowing you

I am a sentimental person and only my mum know about it. The reason? I looked strong in everyone eyes. I looked relaxing whenever there is a problem arrives. I looked happily around always, and I almost forgot when was my last tear to drop.

I can manage my previous relations very well. My time mostly were spent together with my friends indeed of the girls with me. Every Wednesday will be my only dating day to my previous girls and they wont appear long or always in my mind.

I was wondering why people always suffering with love. To me its just something really simply to suit with. Once miss them just contact them. Once been missed and I have no activities at all,yet I will just leave my time to them. This was the way I used to be, when come to any relation with any girl.

Though feeling at first, the only one I can remember is Eileen. She was together with me for more than year and was left me few months before I knowing you. But she came back to me again, yet left this world forever due to a robbery attempted to her and took away her life on Oct 29th, 2005. I was sad and cried for her for several weeks of time after the tragedy.

I was believed that I was cried for her disappearance during that period of time, but I was drop no tears when I visiting her house at this Chinese new year. Perhaps I was really crying for her leaving on that day, but now I realized that the real reason make me unable to keep my tears behind my eye ball weeks after, is simply because I was been told by you that you might forced to be with someone else once, came to the month of Nov.

She was became a 'reason' for me to cry with. In fact, you are the only one which my tear will always aiming to.